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Eden Greens Global is a commercial business of ‘firsts’ making use of patent-pending designed, Global G.A.P certified technology and methods that came to life despite the devastation that occurred in the past two years. Making their mark in the micro & leafy greens market by using unparalleled innovation and therein creating a solid running operation capable of producing products like you’ve never experienced.

But what could the secret to our success and your needs possibly be, you may ask? It’s quite simple honestly:

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

What is CEA?

Controlled Environmental Agriculture is a food production approach using technology to manage variables and different aspects inside an enclosed environment. Through means of automation, it is the ability to control factors like humidity, temperature, light, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, nutrients and more. Examples include Indoor Farming, Vertical Farming, Greenhouses etc.

Why CEA?

Being able to control the environmental factors in your farming process increases your possibilities for different crops as well as your success rate and guaranteed efficiency – seeing that you can rest assured the product will look, taste, and smell exactly as it should, but better. It also eliminates your risks of pests and diseases and removes the need for fertilizers/pesticides that could potentially tarnish the quality of crops.

What – is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is an unconventional growth method wherein plants are grown in air and mist environments without the usage of traditional soil or aggregate mediums, differing from other methods like hydroponics, aquaponics, and in-vitro growing. Roots are suspended in the air and are generally sprayed with a water and nutrient high mist, making use of either sunlight or artificial light. It has also been noted that aeroponics is the most water sustainable method of growing, using 97% less water than most traditional farms.

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Aero vs Hydro

Aeroponics, although often mistaken for hydroponics, has a vastly different approach and numerous benefits that exceed those of hydroponics and exactly proves “Why Aeroponics?”

Aeroponics uses

0 %
less water than the average hydroponic system



Reading the above-mentioned, the outcome is this:

Larger air intake through aeroponics leads to faster growth rates, improved height turn-out and larger definite crop yields – meaning better shelf life and more satisfied customers.

And rest assured – aeroponics uses 60% less water than the average hydroponic system – so the difference in conservation is quite drastic.

Pesticide Free . Herbicide Free . Fungicide Free . Organic . Vegan . Soil Free . Ready to Eat . No Wash Needed

How does Eden Greens Global achieve this?

Eden Greens Global makes use of CEA methods by growing micro & leafy greens vertically, stacked horizontally, indoor controlled and monitored containers – but with some major changes that differentiate us from generic aeroponic farming – which provides you with an even better product by use of these means.

How is Eden Greens Global different?

A few things separate us from typical aeroponic farmers:

Our Grow Medium

The grow medium we use to sow seeds on is non-absorbent, and its positioning allows for plants to grow upright with the roots below and stem and true leaves above. This means that all hydration goes directly to the plant and none of it is absorbed by the medium, as well as visually, meaning the plant grows beautifully upward to the light, creating a more appetizing, salivating product for the eye. This way of growing also allows us to treat the top of the plant and the bottom of the plant adequately depending on what each half needs to be provided.

Our Sprayers

The settings on our sprayers provide us with the ability to manipulate the droplet size and air pressure of the mist that hydrates our crops. This means that the ample amounts of water and air intake needed for perfectly grown product is completely changeable to provide for the needs of all crops.

Our Energy Source

By running our operation in specifically timed processes, we are able to run the entire plant on solar power.

Our Environment

Every part of the enclosed spaces used to grow our products in is controlled and automated by network systems and turn-key solution Cloud based software created specifically for us. This allows us to maintain our climate control indoors, meaning that no pollution of air, soil or water takes place. Regarding space, aeroponics proves to be up to 300-400% more sufficient in yield harvest than traditional farming. And since our entire operation is run off grid, we also conserve 97% of our water usage by filtering and reusing it and conserve energy by running on solar power.

Our Lights

The LED’s that we make use of, are especially designed for us in a spectrum of coloured lights to ensure that our products have enhanced taste profiles and are of the most vibrant looking crops you can get.

Our Water Source

Due to the nature of Aeroponics, our water usage is drastically less than that of almost all other farming methods. By making use of ground-breaking technology that compacts air into water, we are easily sustained through this technology only.

Once again this assures us and clients the satisfaction that the growth conditions of our microgreens are always of the best standards whilst conserving our home.


These are the steps in the process of getting these beautiful greens in your hands:


Seeds are sown onto the frames with our nonabsorbent grow medium and placed into germination boxes.


After germination, frames are moved into the growth containers where they will be receiving water, air, nutrients, and light accordingly until harvest time.


After the full grow cycle, crops are harvested and placed onto the first conveyer of the packaging machine depending on which salad will be made at that time.


After running through the entire machine, being weighed and being packaged into a plastic pillow bag filled with food grade nitrogen, the product is ready to be sold.


From here the product goes into your shopping trolley to be enjoyed at your own leisure.

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